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Jean-Marc Barthe

Dependable and highly experienced, Jean-Marc was born in the south of France and  obtained his early qualifications in both economics and computer science in Paris. After starting his career as a financial systems consultant, Jean-Marc was able to travel the world, working on projects in Europe, the USA and Central America. Arriving in Sydney in 1997 on assignment for a major French-Belgian consulting firm to open a branch in Australia, Jean-Marc progressed to a managerial role with global company KPMG in Australia and the Asia-Pacific region. Leaving his corporate background in 2002, Jean-Marc established Azuron with the goal of providing efficient and pragmatic consulting services in Information Technology and Enterprise Architecture. As Director of Azuron, Jean-Marc provides his many clients with the peace of mind and smooth operations that come with reliable, effective and expertly designed IT solutions.


Danny Savic

Specialising in digital technology, natural language processing and spatial architecture, Danny has delivered a wide range of robust and cutting edge solutions over his 20 year IT career. Working with many government and commercial organisations across Australia, Asia and Europe, he has architected best of breed solutions covering e-learning, risk management, e-commerce, finance and geographic information systems. Danny’s passion for information and emerging technologies has allowed him to shape multiple government technology strategies through our sister company Full Extent where he is co-founder and senior spatial consultant. Danny currently acts as Azuron’s Head of Technology, specializing in geo-spatial and natural language processing initiatives.


Garry Clarke

A qualified and reliable Executive IT Project Manager, Garry Clarke has a 20-year track record within the IT industry. Prior to joining Azuron, Garry was the Asia Pacific ICT Director for a German multi-national cosmetic company. Within this role he was kept busy handling and running IT operations across nine Asian countries. With far reaching experience and skills, Garry is proficient across all major digital technologies. He is as comfortable devising solutions in a computer lab as he is addressing company board members at the highest level. When leading Azuron’s teams and working with clients, Garry is able to improve the customer experience by recognising requirements, devising strategic programs and implementing tactical solutions. Taking an efficient and realistic approach, he provides skilled guidance and leadership across projects.


Andrew Seymour

Having worked in the private sector and across government departments in Australia and the UK for over 18 years. Andrew is a highly-experienced solutions consultant. His expertise lies in Solution Architecture, including Digital, Mobile, Payments and Master Data Management. He is also skilled and qualified in Security and Enterprise Integration. Andrew’s attention to detail and outside-the-box approach to innovation means he is able to deliver outcomes to suit a wide range of client needs while continuing to align solutions to each organisation’s Enterprise Architecture. Andrew joined the management team of Azuron 4 years ago while acting as Lead Architect on a range of digital payment projects for governments and leading financial institutions – he now leads Azuron’s NPP Practice.

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