22 Nov: Azuron wins the build of the new Cadastral Record Viewer (CRV2) with NSW Land and Property Information

Azuron wins the build of the new Cadastral Record Viewer (CRV2) with NSW Land and Property Information Azuron is proud to announce that we have been selected to build and release the new Cadastral Record Viewer for the NSW Land and Property Information (LPI). This project will deliver a modern and effective onlinetool to assist with the administration and management of land in NSW through the provision of interactive searches and integrated access to the NSW cadastre, titling notations, plan information and other LPI records. The new system will go under the name of CRV2 and will be live in July 2014.  

22 Nov: Azuron delivers the Clip&Ship project for NSW Government

Azuron has been commissioned by the NSW Land and Property Information (LPI) to deliver  the  Clip & Ship portal application allowing LPI  customers the ability for both textual and spatial searches to be conducted on the State’s cadastral and topographic datasets. The new systems is composed of a set of 4 main portal widgets that can be reused throughout the organisation. The discovery tool for this application is an interactive map embedded in the portal that allows users to plot an area of interest, from the coordinates plotted on the map a request is sent to the backend repository where the data sets are compiled, upon completion of payment via the E-commerce module the datasets are electronically delivered to the clients. The project was delivered on time and on budget and has delivered key components of the new LPI Spatial Infrastructure.

22 Nov: Azuron wins NSW LPI E-Topo application delivery

Azuron has been appointed by the NSW Land and Property Information to design and build the new E-Topo application. E-topo will integrate with the Spatial Information exchange (SIX) Portal to access, create, order and pay for Topographic Map products online via textual queries in the LPI Online Shop and via spatial queries using the SIX Maps viewers.

22 Nov: Azuron is helping the New South Wales Government to deliver a better Cadastral Records Viewer to the community

Azuron is helping the New South Wales Government to deliver a better Cadastral Records Viewer to the community The NSW Land and Property Information (LPI) has asked Azuron to provide implementation services and on-going support for the build of the new Cadastral Record Viewer(CRV). CRV provides spatial enquiry to interactively search the NSW cadastre, titling notations and plan information – users can search by lot and plan number, feature type, feature name, street address, and valuation record.

22 Nov: Azuron prequalified NSW Govt ICT Supplier

Azuron has been successful in its application to the new NSW Government ICT Services Prequalification Scheme 0020 (SCM0020). Azuron has been appointed to the Base (projects under $150K) and Advanced (projects greater than $150K) Panels. The NSW Government ICT Services Scheme is a new model for delivering ICT services to NSW Government. This new arrangements will ensure NSW government agencies can find and procure the goods and services that best meet their needs, and makes it easier for industry to do business with government. More information:

22 Nov: Full Extent & Azuron provide Coastal Explorer web app for NSW Office of Environment & Heritage

The NSW office and Environment and Heritage commissioned Full Extent and Azuron to deliver a Coastal Explorer web application using the Full Extent map publishing framework to analyse hundreds of reports, written by OEH staff over the past 30 years. Any place-names within the reports were detected using our semantic engine, and placed on the map automatically. Check the Position Magazine article here

22 Nov: Full Extent: Azuron’s New Venture

Azuron is a founding partner of  a new venture:  Full Extent Full Extent’s map publishing framework and Geo-Semantic services (Text-to-Map)  liaise with a range of Content Management System to tie together your geo-enabled assets and build them into a robust and scaleable framework. What’s more, Full Extents provide a user-centric mapping viewer designed for you to display your data in its best light. Azuron and Full Extent are now delivering unique and powerful enterprise GIS solution.

22 Nov: Atlas of New South Wales

Azuron is proud to announce the release of the ATLAS of New South Wales, an initiative of the Land and Property Information (LPI). The Atlas of NSW is conceived as an electronic version of the paper based New South Wales Atlas, utilising the wealth of data and information readily employable in LPI.  This data is composed of maps, registry information and graphics collected over many years by surveyors, demographers, and other constituents involved in the management of NSW Land and its population. The Atlas topics are Economy, Elections, Environment, History and People. All articles have been written by experts in their respective fields and are supported and enhanced by the LPI’s mapping utility known as the ATLAS Explorer. The Atlas leverages IBM Websphere Portal and ESRI ArcGIS 10 capabilities, and is built on the SIX platform (Spatial Information eXchange) powering the NSW government geospatial infrastructure. By utilising the latest geospatial…

22 Nov: Azuron at Lotusphere 2011, Orlando

Azuron have been invited by IBM to present the work performed by Azuron and the Australian New South Wales Government , the session is called : ‘SIX, the NSW Spatial Information eXchange, Bridging the gap between GIS and Enterprise Application’ at Lotusphere 2011 in Orlando  – session id:  CUST 1120 on the 3rd of February 2011. The Spatial information eXchange (SIX),,  is an award winning Portal site (NSW Premier Gold Award) that provides a range of spatial services and products such as high resolution imagery and geographic information across New South Wales (NSW). SIX acts as the official source of Geo-spatial and Registry information in NSW. This session will help you understand the business drivers, and also the architectural considerations raised as the solution is updated to WebSphere Portal v7. We will also present the details of our current joint development efforts with ESRI, IBM and the Australian government. You will see demonstrations…