New Payments Platform (NPP)

Don’t be left behind! Move quickly and get up to speed with the NPP, it is not an option anymore for business and financial organisations, or risk losing your customers to your rivals offering NPP payments experience and functionality.

What is NPP in a few words

Launched on the 13th of February 2018, the New Payments Platform is an industry wide initiative aiming to develop a new national infrastructure providing fast, flexible, data rich payments in Australia.

The NPP provides Australian consumers with real-time, 24/7 payments to meet the demands of the new Digital Economy. It greatly simplifies payments by allowing business and customers to register an easy to remember PayID linking an email address, phone number or ABN to a bank account. It also increases competition between banks by making these PayIDs easily transportable between financial institutions.

The NPP also provides support for Overlay Payment Services which act as applications plug in to the NPP system to provide additional services customers that ties with their payments.

The Azuron NPP Advantage

Azuron has been involved with NPP since the beginning of the program and has built infrastructure and software platforms for one of the original NPP founding stakeholders and has developed unrivalled understanding and knowledge off the new platform.

Azuron’s NPP Architects and Consultants are highly skilled and able to help your organisation to:

  • Provide expert advice on the advantages, disadvantages and cost delta between Direct and Agency connections to NPP.
  • Provide expertise on BPay Osko regulations and certification, including channel and SLA requirements.
  • Mentor and guide business teams through the complexities of the NPP business landscape.
  • Provide insight on new features coming to NPP in 2019 and beyond, and how NPP fits in to the Open Banking API revolution.
  • Provide architectural and implementation services for clients choosing to directly connect to the NPP:
    • SWIFT PAG and MQ architecture.
    • Implementing orchestrated and basic messaging using ISO20022 standards.
    • Consuming the PayID resolution and maintenance services.
    • Non-functional requirements and SLAs mandated by NPPA.
    • Handling Disputes and Investigations of NPP transactions.
  • Minimise Client’s NPP integration project risks and normal business operations disruption.
  • Review and align solution to industry compliance requirements.
  • Provide expert knowledge of NPP industry and BPay message guidelines, structures and associated documentation.
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